Felt – Article — Pegboard Pocket

Inspired by Hannah Perner-Wilson’s Pegboard Fabric Instructable I wanted to try making a pocket that could be assembled and attached to a surface by pegs.

Pattern for folded pocket

The pegboard I have has 1/6 inch diameter (approx. 4 mm) holes arranged in a 3/4 inch grid.

Assembled and mounted to pegboard

Revised cut pattern

I tried a slight variation on the design where the top fixings are folded in for a more robust pocket.


These are assembled and fixed with pegs that push through holes on both layers of felt, and into the pegboard. The pegs have a small oval-shaped ridge approx 10 mm along the length of the peg that hold the peg against the back of the pegboard. A flexure in the peg allows it to bend, to fit.

I’ve covered fabrication of the pegs elsewhere: