What I’m working on

Redistributed Manufacturing: A New Normal

An open source exhibition exploring the future of manufacturing: digital, customised, localised, and at scale.


Digital DIY

A European research project investigating the impact of making on creative society, with University of Westminster.

Looking Sideways

Accessible Icon Project. Photo by Brian Funck

A radio show and podcast about maker culture. How we make things, and how those things make us.

Maker Assembly

A series of symposia taking a critical look at maker cultures.

UK Makerspace Research


A research project mapping all the UK makerspaces for Nesta.

Makers at Work

Makers at Work

A photographic project documenting the workspaces of makers.


I run the studio programme at Lighthouse, Brighton’s centre for culture and technology.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Photograph by Roberta Matis, taken at Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2014

I’m the co-founder and director of the UK’s biggest independent DIY technology festival.


I help organisations use the web. I collaborate with smart people, do research and prototyping, working across design, strategy and practice.

Hot Glue Zine

I edit and publish a fanzine about making, designed to bring the maker movement into people’s homes.


I write and speak (and occasionally podcast) about making, design, technology and culture.


I specialise in product photography, and I make my own photography tools.

How to make things

I like to make useful things. I document the interesting projects to help you make things too.