Prototyping a bound booklet

There are loads of good YouTube videos that show you how to make your own saddle-stitched zine. I found these ones to be pretty good, and they covered the two options I was considering for the saddle stitch itself:

I made a simple jig to help keep the pages aligned while folding.

Something I was concerned about was the amount of creep ( in the centre pages. In my page layout, the photos are printed with a small border, so a large amount of creep could be quite noticeable.

I used protective card over the binder clips to stop them damaging the pages (not important for a prototype, but I wanted to test the whole process as much as possible).

Initially I folded the booklet, then marked stitching holes, but subsequently I laser-cut a simple template to allow me to make the holes before folding. That should make it easier to line up the pages precisely.  

TBD:  hole template test

I tried stitching the booklets with thread (as opposed to staples), and enjoyed both the process and outcome, so decided to go with this technique for the zines. 

TBD – final thread choice

It seems like a small detail, but trimming the pages – especially the edge opposite the spine – makes a huge difference to the quality of the finished booklet.

In all this process I’d worked on the assumption that I would be able to think of some clever and interesting way of making the covers. So I also tested out a few approaches here.

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