Thinking in public – Liberatory technology


I’m trying to articulate an argument about the liberatory potential — or otherwise — of technology, and in particular the technology of makers: to help humans become freer, more creative, less beholden to systems of constraint, and so on.

It’s proving difficult, so instead of trying to finish the whole in a one-er, I’m going to lay out pieces of the jigsaw as they come to mind (or to some level of clarity) and see if I can piece together something that makes sense.

I’ll do this in public (note the optimism of a new project) rather than a series of Evernote entries or Post-its on the wall, to enforce some kind of clarity in my thinking and writing. Some form of organisation will emerge, tbc.

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  1. Interesting – I’ve been thinking similar for a few years but it is often as indiscernible as the human spirit itself. My own stabs are up at but would be great to see what you come up with and compare notes 🙂

    – Graham

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