Castrol & Haymarket

Digital strategy and social media marketing

I’m working again with Ralphs McIntosh and Partners, this time on a digital marketing project for Haymarket Media Group, on behalf of Castrol.

We’ve developed a digital marketing and social media strategy to support their Grand Prix Predictor, a fantasy game for F1 fans. We’re working with Haymarket on strategy, training and implementation, to support the growth of the Castrol brand with the passionate F1 audience.


Co-creation design and management

E.ON’s co-creation project, E.ON Innovation, has stepped up a gear with the launch of Home of the Future, a series of innovation challenges supported by a 5-part series on Channel 4.

I’ve been working with 100% Open, the Open Innovation specialists, to design and support a new community of 3,000 customers, experts and innovators, to help design the energy saving products and services of the future.

NixonMcInnes & First Group

Digital strategy and project management

NixonMcInnes are a social business consultancy helping organisations redesign themselves to take advantage of the social web.

I’m helping them run a pilot with First Group, the UK train operator, to enable their frontline staff to use Twitter on mobile devices to engage with customers. We’re collaborating with them to design, evaluate and embed effective digital customer service within their business.

O’Reilly UK

Research and business development

I’m doing a research project for O’Reilly UK. O’Reilly are the publishers of Make magazine and; they’re the people behind Maker Faire and Maker Shed; and they publish great books on Arduino, circuit-bending, robotics, creative hacking and related topics.

They want to understand how they can better support the UK maker community, and I’m helping them find out.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire

The UK’s greatest hardware innovation event

After an inaugural event in 2011 that drew 5,000 people, and with other Minis now springing up all over the country, we’re bringing Maker Faire back to Brighton for a second year.

I’m working with Build Brighton, and a host of collaborators and supporters, to organise and promote the event – a community-run (hence the ‘Mini’) festival of makers, crafters, music, robots, science, art, inspiration and invention. Check us out on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

Do The Green Thing

Social media monitoring, research and project management

Do The Green Thing inspires people to lead a greener life. I’m helping them measure their impact through online social networking tools. How many people consider themselves ‘fans’ of Green Thing; how many people engage with them; how much do they tell their friends about them?

I’m also helping them redevelop their ‘mothership’ website, their core communications platform that serves up inspiring and entertaining green ideas to 20,000 people every month.

Asthma UK

Research and online strategy

I’ve been working with Ralphs McIntosh and Partners to help the UK’s Asthma charity understand the online landscape: how people are using search and social media to help them understand and manage their condition, who are the key influencers in their network, how can they develop their digital strategy.