How to make things

Project walkthroughs and instructions for things I’ve made. You can also find me on Instructables, and I occasionally post photo walkthroughs on Flickr and video walkthroughs on Vimeo. I always like to hear feedback on how these guides could be improved – please tweet or email me, or leave a comment on one of the guides.


My daily carry. A weatherproof, lightweight wallet made out of Tyvek.

A simple lighting project that reuses a 3-colour LED light mounted in a tube to create a colourful projection lamp.

Kessel Run Board Game

A prototype board game that re-creates the game-play of Ticket To Ride in the Star Wars universe.


A simple tarp design that uses just one width of fabric.


My adventures playing around with this simple audio amplifier chip.


A diffusing lamp that uses cheap energy saving bulbs for continuous studio lighting. (Note, with advent of cheap LED strip, I’d say this is something of a historical artefact now.)


My take on the MYOG backpack. Mods agogo.


An experiment in open hardware design: a laser-cut laptop stand.


An easy sewing project for pen geeks.


Ultra-long exposures revealing the orbit of the Earth round the Sun.

Sound files from my circuit-bent instruments. Sliced and diced for your sampler.