Air quality egg

I love this project; just launched on Kickstarter. It’s a beautiful mashup of open data and open hardware:

  • Citizens collect data about their hyper-local (not regional) air quality, using a device built on open hardware platforms (Arduino and Nanode)
  • Share that data with the community via Pachube
  • Make the data available via open APIs so we can make better decisions about air quality.

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Union event: User makers and distributed production

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been helping Duncan Wilson (Arup), and Roland Harwood (100%Open), put together an evening of pitches, inspiration and networking called Union.

The theme was “User makers and distributed production”. A subject that’s difficult to encapsulate neatly, but certainly covers areas like:

  • Open source hardware (that can be hacked and customised after manufacture)
  • Low-cost prototyping tools (e.g. microprocessors and fabrication technology)
  • Small-scale personalised production (e.g. digitally produced gifts)
  • Remote, on-demand fabrication services (e.g. Shapeways, Ponoko, et al)
  • Emerging domestic fabrication technology (3D printers for the home)
  • Increased access to hi-tech manufacturing (e.g. for printed circuit boards) in China for user-makers wanting to move beyond prototypes

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Getting started with Arduino

Getting started with Arduino

Finally, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and got an Arduino. Obviously, my first project should be to try to make a real-life KITT. I’ve just about nailed the sweeping lights. Next up: Pursuit Mode

Help me research the UK Maker community

24 Oct Update: Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. I’ve had a great response, and had the privilege to talk to a whole bunch of inspiring, creative people. I’m not recruiting for any more phone interviews now, but if you’d like to share your thoughts, I’ll leave the online survey open for another couple of weeks.

5 Nov Update: Survey is closed now.

I’ll be in touch with everyone who’s taken part in mid-November.

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