Over the top

Do you owe me a favour?
Did you forget to get me a birthday present? (It’s tomorrow.)

If so, here’s your opportunity to square things up. As you may know (I’m sure I’ve bored most of you to tears about it already) I’m helping organise Brighton Mini Maker Faire. It’s the world’s greatest event for makers, crafters, hackers, inventors, geeks – and everyone else. And we’re bringing it to the world’s greatest city (yes, I mean Brighton). Continue reading “Over the top”

Experimenting with Instructables and Make Projects

Make Projects vs Instructables

I’ve started posting more pieces about projects I’m working on to this site. If I’m going to spend a weekend or longer figuring out how to do something, I figure it’s worth sharing what I’ve learned with others. You can find this stuff under /projects. One of the first things I’ve shared is a set of instructions on how to make a photography lightbox. It’s a good project that lots of people would find useful. The design is pretty solid, and the instructions, I think, are good.

This is a fairly low-traffic site, so posting instructions here doesn’t give them much exposure. However, there are dedicated projects sites out there, which are designed for exactly this kind of material and are destination sites for people wanting to learn how to make stuff. So when it came to making a revised version of the lightbox, incorporating some improvements to my original design, I thought I’d experiment with these services, and see how they fared. Continue reading “Experimenting with Instructables and Make Projects”

Maker Faire UK

I’ve been back from Maker Faire in Newcastle for a couple of days now. My brain is just about back to normal. Maker Faire is an exhibition, (un)conference, and general get-together of people who are interested in making stuff: craft, DIY, hackable electronics and software, art projects, science projects, robots, knitting and everything in between. Continue reading “Maker Faire UK”

Open Data Brighton and Hove

I went along to the first meet-up for Open Data Brighton and Hove last night. It was a stimulating evening with a room full of smart and knowledgable people, and a great opportunity for me to learn, as I am neither a geek, nor an open data expert.

Right now, there’s no website, so if you want to find out more, come along to a meet-up (the Quadrant has pretty good beer, so the worst that can happen is that you’ll have a nice drink) or sift through the Twitter hashtag: #ODBH.

I wrote down lots of what other people said, and I’m sharing the themes that I found interesting here. To caveat: the good stuff was mostly said by others; I’ve just filtered and remixed it. In some cases, people who said these things may have been trying to make different points, in which case, sorry if I’ve used your input to say something else. And I’m not trying to be comprehensive; there are lots of big important challenges (like negotiating licensing rights) in which I’m personally not that interested, but I’m sure others will take on. Continue reading “Open Data Brighton and Hove”