What makes you come alive

  1. What you want
  2. What opportunities technology affords
  3. What the world needs

Don’t ask what the world needs; ask yourself
What makes you come alive.
And then go and do that. Because the world
Needs people who have come alive

Harold Whitman.

Looking Sideways Episode 9 — Christian Hambly

In this episode, I talk to Christian Hambly, and we explore that territory seemingly always on the geek horizon: Coffee.

From espresso machines to domestic brew methods, denaturation to decaffeination, John Gruber to George Clooney, we map out pretty much the whole domain in 55 minutes. If you’re a long-standing coffee nut (‘bean’?), my ill-informed questions will infuriate you, but if, like me, you’re just setting out on this voyage, Christian’s expertise and enthusiasm will guide you to the promised land. Continue reading “Looking Sideways Episode 9 — Christian Hambly”

Looking Sideways Episode 8 — Sarah Angliss

Sarah Angliss is a composer and performer, writer and historian, roboticist and maker of musical instruments and automata. I caught up with her in the basement of Bom-Banes café in Brighton’s Kemp Town to find out what lies behind her eerie performances and historically-influenced music. We talked about the discomfort of new technology, and nostalgia for old; performance, magic and jeopardy; and the value of physical things in a world being eaten by software. Continue reading “Looking Sideways Episode 8 — Sarah Angliss”

Looking Sideways Episode 7 — Emma Rose Metcalfe from How.Do

Emma Rose Metcalfe is the co-founder of How.Do, an app and platform that lets you share how to do things.

We spoke about the user experience of sharing. How does sharing projects stop us from doing projects? How can we share collaborative experiences? Who holds the camera? How do constraints improve the sharing experience? And how do sharing platforms create new kinds of narrative?

We also talked about value in a sharing system? How does a social network or sharing platform make money? Why do people share, and what do they get out of it? When can advertising be valuable?

And how can tools like How.Do work in other contexts, such as education? What happens when you let people find their own uses for technology? Continue reading “Looking Sideways Episode 7 — Emma Rose Metcalfe from How.Do”

Looking Sideways Episode 6 — Leila Johnston

It’s episode 6! We’re officially into the high single digits. In this episode, I speak to writer, publisher, producer, maker and all round difficult-to-pigeonhole person, Leila Johnston. We talk about play, and making for the sake of it; that bit in the venn diagram where geeks and sci-fi cross over; the future, and what it means without the past; grassroots movements and the consumer experience; coding because you have to, and experts vs ignorance. Continue reading “Looking Sideways Episode 6 — Leila Johnston”

Looking Sideways Episode 5 — Ivan Pope

I met up with Ivan Pope at his new makespace, Fabrivan, tucked away behind London Road, a low-rent shopping street on the edges of Brighton city centre. Fabrivan is Ivan’s latest experiment in future technology – a makespace designed to be accessible and welcoming, and to support experimentation. We spoke about making makespaces accessible, developing business models, and the importance of diving into things before you’re ready.


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