Hot Glue Zine

Hot Glue was a fanzine produced for Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013. It’s aim to help people new to making take the energy of the day home with them; to be an inspiration, a reminder and a contagion in the everyday. It’s filled with project ideas for people to try at home, most of which can be done using materials and tools they have lying around, or can easily buy. We also provided a bag of components for the projects that required them.

Hot Glue was beautifully designed and illustrated by Emily Macaulay of Stanley James Press, who also hand-printed the covers on the day.

It was funded in part by Arts Council England.

Download PDF versions

Didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy? You can download PDF versions of each of the projects here:

I wrote about my ambitions for the zine on the blog when we kicked off the project.

I also documented some of the making process and finished products on Flickr.

The biggest production lesson I learned was the sheer volume of work required to produce something like this. Even just packing 750 bags of components took a team of us a whole (bank holiday) weekend. Watch the time-lapse for a compressed version of that bank holiday.