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  • Fab Academy

    Fab Academy

    From January to June 2018, I took part in Fab Academy, the globally-distributed learning programme of the Fablab network.  I was based at the new Fablab at the University of Brighton, and one of 220 students from 45 countries, in 65 Fablabs around the world, learning ‘how to make (almost) anything’. In 2021, I instructed Fab Academy at the…

  • Plus X Workshop

    Plus X Workshop

    I manage the workshop at Plus X in Brighton. Plus X is an innovation hub that brings together working space, special facilities (like our workshop, photo and podcast studios) and innovation programmes to support individuals SMEs and large organisations.

  • Hello Shenzhen

    Hello Shenzhen

    Hello Shenzhen is bilateral residency exchange programme connecting makers in the UK and China.

  • Redistributed Manufacturing: A New Normal

    Redistributed Manufacturing: A New Normal

    I’ve been working as producer and curator, with the Distributed Everything Lab at the Royal College of Art, and Machines Room makerspace in London, on an open source exhibition exploring a possible future for mass manufacturing.

  • Digital DIY

    Digital DIY

    A European research project investigating the impact of making on creative society, with the University of Westminster. (2016-17) DiDIY (Digital DIY) is an EU Horizon 2020 research programme. The aim of the research is to explore creativity and social impacts in relation to Digital DIY (DiDIY). For us, the term DiDIY expresses how the growing…

  • Looking Sideways

    Looking Sideways

    Looking Sideways is my podcast and radio show about making, design, and material culture. There have been two regular series. The first (in 2015) was very much acting on a hunch, and covered all sots of topics I found interesting. Pretty much an excuse to talk to interesting people.

  • Maker Assembly

    Maker Assembly

    Maker Assembly is a gathering of makers, and a critical conversation about maker culture: its past, present and future. Through events, networks, editorial and more, we aim to catalyse a more informed reflective debate about making today: what it means to be a maker, the role of making in a contemporary industrial/consumer society, the responsibility…

  • Nesta makerspace research

    Nesta makerspace research

    Through November 2014 – April 2015, I worked with a co-researcher, Hannah Stewart, on a commission for Nesta, to map all of the makerspaces in the UK.

  • Makers at Work

    Makers at Work

    I’ve been working with the photographer Curtis James on a documentary project about makers in their working spaces. From metalworking shops to the fields of the South Downs, these photographs reveal something of the physical spaces where making happens, and of the maker as worker.

  • Hot Glue Zine

    Hot Glue Zine

    Hot Glue is a fanzine about making. It’s designed to bring the spirit of making – the creativity, the freedom, the fun – into people’s homes.

  • Brighton Mini Maker Faire

    Brighton Mini Maker Faire

    I was the co-founder and director of the UK’s biggest independent DIY technology festival. It ran 2011-15. Brighton Mini Maker Faire was a festival of DIY technology, hacking, invention, creativity, craft, tinkering and innovation. We were the first independent Maker Faire in the UK, and have had over 10,000 visitors to the 4 festivals we…

  • Freelance work

    Freelance work

    Hello, and thanks for checking out my freelance page. If you’re interested in working with me, here’s some useful information about what I do, and what kind of things I’ve worked on in the past. My experience is pretty broad, covering everything from research and strategy, through design and making, to communication and community engagement.

  • Writing and Speaking

    Writing and Speaking

    I write and speak about technology, business, art, and making. I’m interested in new digital fabrication tools, maker startups and the creative use of technology. I’m also interested in critical approaches to technology, craft and manufacturing. I also love to talk – and ask questions – about all these things.

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