Digital Fabrication Methods

I’m teaching a course in digital fabrication – and learning by making – at the University of Brighton.


Learning Processing

Following on from Fab Academy, I’m learning Processing, the programming language for visual art, interactivity and generative design.



I help organisations use the web, collaborate with digitally connected communities, and harness grassroots innovation. I work across research, design, and strategy.


Fab Academy

From January to June 2018, I took part in Fab Academy, the globally-distributed learning programme of the Fablab network.


Hello Shenzhen

Hello Shenzhen is bilateral residency exchange programme connecting makers in the UK and China.


Redistributed Manufacturing: A New Normal

An open source exhibition exploring the future of manufacturing: digital, customised, localised, and at scale.


Digital DIY

A European research project investigating the impact of making on creative society, with the University of Westminster.


Looking Sideways

 Accessible Icon Project

Looking Sideways is a podcast about making – how we make things, and how those things make us. I talk to smart people about technology, craft, innovation, and design.

2015-18 (Currently on hiatus)

Maker Assembly

A collaborative project to build a critical community around making. We bring people together to learn about diverse making cultures, support new grassroots activity, and cast a critical eye over the conventional stories of making: its past and future, its politics and impact.


Nesta makerspace research


A research project mapping all of the UK makerspaces for Nesta.


Makers at Work

Makers at Work

A photographic project documenting the workspaces of makers.


Hot Glue Zine


I edited and published a fanzine about making, designed to bring the maker movement into people’s homes.


Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Photograph by Roberta Matis, taken at Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2014

I was the co-founder and director of the UK’s biggest independent DIY technology festival.


Writing and Speaking

I write and speak about technology, business, art, and making. I’m interested in new digital fabrication tools, maker startups and the creative use of technology. I’m also interested in critical approaches to technology, craft and manufacturing.