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Maker Assembly is a gathering of makers, and a critical conversation about maker culture: its past, present and future. Through events, networks, editorial and more, we aim to catalyse a more informed reflective debate about making today: what it means to be a maker, the role of making in a contemporary industrial/consumer society, the responsibility of makers to the environment, and the diverse kinds of making that can happen when you look to different classes of maker, communities and cultures.

Maker Assembly #1

Co-ordinated by a loose network of collaborators, we held our first event in October 2015 at the V&A in London.

Maker Assembly at the V&A

Maker Assembly at the V&A

Talk videos and slides

All the talks were recorded, and videos are available on YouTube.

We also have all the slides up on Slideshare.


I wrote up my thoughts on the day on the Lighthouse website. You can also read Emma O’Sullivan’s report. And there’s a Storify of selected social media responses.


I’ve been collecting links about critical making for some time. These aren’t in a public place yet, but I have tentatively started a Tumblr to do this from now on. This may or may not continue. It may also fold into the Maker Assembly website at some point.

I’m also interested in continuing the conversation in editorial form. I interviewed one of the speakers, Dean Brown, about his project, and the roots of the Maker Movement in the writing of John Ruskin. I have some ideas for more articles, so if we can find resources to support this in the future, it may continue. For now, there is a Maker Assembly publication on Medium, which is a kind of unofficial blog. Again, this may or may not continue.