• Daniel Sandström

    Hey, nice pack!
    I’m walking around, planning a similar roll-top pack so I’m glad I found this (through Hendriks blog). I’ve recently made a pack, http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/forums/thread_display.html?forum_thread_id=51260 and I’m dying to make another. While drybag style packs are versatile and cool they require some more thought while packing. Atleast I have found packing in a hurry to be harder than usual… I can highly recommend using extremtextil.de as well as the X-Pak. I used VX07 which I thought was quite perfect for lightweight backpacks. I like the green color, but of course, it’s not particulary stealthy. 🙂 So I might go for a black VX21 next time. Wont draw so much attention at trainstations while travelling and also be airline-proof…

    Thank you for sharing your project.
    Best regards, Daniel Sandström

    • Hi Daniel,
      thanks for the comments; glad it was useful. I checked out your pack on BPL. There seems to be loads more packs there since last time I looked! From your photos it looked like your pack was a kind of holster for a dry bag. That’s pretty clever. I might try it. I’d certainly like to try something other than the Cordura. It’s tough, but not so easy to handle, and not as slippery as some fabrics, so it’s not so easy to get stuff in and out of the pack.

  • Adam

    What sort of sewing machine can deal with the 500gsm fabric? My G/F tells me it’d destroy hers?

    • Andrew

      Hi Adam, I use a standard domestic machine. It does struggle a bit in the corners, or when there are many layers of fabric. However there are things you can do to make it easier

      1. Use the right needle. Heavier fabrics need special needles I’m told

      2. Use a special foot. Some are specialised to get round tight corners or use with thicker materials

      Hope that helps