• John

    Sir could you help me to connect a 2.7ohm speaker to this amp?

    • Hi John, I used an 8Ohm speaker. I found that when making this, the best approach was to make it all on the breadboard, and swap out the capacitors and resisters to optimise the output and deal with problems like ground hum, etc. So I would suggest doing the same. I guess that if your speaker is lower power, you may want to reduce either the input to or the output from the amp chip by using different resistors.

      • sunil

        Hi Andrew ,
        I using piezoelectric speaker ,To amplify the piezoelectric speaker I used Lm386 low power amplifier ,input of amplifier is very low in terms of mv …I am trying to build circuit with gain of 20 ..but I am not getting out voltage what I expected . could you please help me on this

  • Afternooncoma

    I’ve built the lm386 amp and I didn’t use the 10 ohm resister b4 the 1000uf cap and for the power I put a 420 uf cap and a 0.01pf poly cap. Then for pin 6 I used a green poly cap,not sure of the size. As for the speakers they are 8ohms. It sounds great for what it is. The circuit I used,took me ages to find but after many diffrent circuit designers I found the one that I mentioned.