Stream Photozine

Stream is a photo series published in zine form that I worked on July – October 2022. The photos were made over a few days around a small stream in the hills of Herefordshire, in the west of England, near the border with Wales.

The zine is hand-bound in a limited series of 25. All have laser-engraved covers. The first 5 copies come with a special cover in Gmund Bier stock, and an extra Transclear insert.

The motivation for the project came from a few directions: a desire to experience being in the world, in the moment; to capture the indifference of nature as it flows around us; and to experiment with images that reject picturesque representations of landscape.

You can buy a copy of the zine here.

I’ve written a few posts about the making of the zine, starting here: An Idea for a Series.

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