Digital DIY

A European research project investigating the impact of making on creative society, with the University of Westminster.


DiDIY (Digital DIY) is an EU Horizon 2020 research programme. The aim of the research is to explore creativity and social impacts in relation to Digital DIY (DiDIY). For us, the term DiDIY expresses how the growing accessibility of digital making technologies, alongside knowledge and data from the Internet and online communities, are enabling new ways for people to make and do things.

We want to understand the potential impacts of digital making on personal wellbeing, local communities, work, creative practice and the environment.

Part of the research is being undertaken by David Gauntlett and Isabelle Risner at the University of Westminster, and I’m helping them design and run some workshops to engage makers in the project.

Find out more on the project website.

(Photo by Roberta Matis at Brighton Mini Maker Faire)