Writing and Speaking

I write and speak about technology, business, art, and making. I’m interested in new digital fabrication tools, maker startups and the creative use of technology. I’m also interested in critical approaches to technology, craft and manufacturing.


This blog is a scratchpad for current thinking; it’s where you’ll find hunches, notes and my attempts to work in public. Sometimes I post archive copies of commissioned work or other longer pieces here too.

As part of the Maker Assembly project, I’m also doing some long-form critical writing and interviews, which you can find up on our Medium publication. And I’ve written some things for Lighthouse, for example about Hello Shenzhen – the UK visit and China return trip.

I try to keep a note of forthcoming and past talks here on the blog.

You should also listen to my podcast, Looking Sideways, which is my excuse to speak with incredibly smart people from the worlds of design, making, technology and more.