Busy, busy, busy

There’s nothing worse than reading one someone’s apologies on their blog about how they’ve been too busy to update it. So I offer no apologies for the lack of updates here over the past few weeks.

Instead I offer you a few tidbits about what I’ve been up to. I’ve finally finished my mammoth write-up of my latest MYOG project, another backpack. Make yourself a cup of tea, and read this.

I’ve also been busy over the past few months helping to organise Brighton Mini Maker Faire. Check the website, or watch this wonderful video kindly shot for us by Philip of Larchmont Films (hire them today!) for a taster:

You should of course come down to the Dome on Saturday 3rd September and experience it for yourself.

And over the last month, I’ve been back working with 100%Open on the second version of E.ON’s co-creation community, E.ON Innovation, which we launched this weekend. Very exciting, and a great industry-leading initiative from E.ON.