Sketching, pens and a new DIY project

A while back, I posted about how I was looking to try other means of exploring, developing and communicating ideas beyond the computer screen.

I have also been spending a lot more time in the company of designers lately, and I’ve seen sketching used much more frequently and openly as a problem-solving tool. This has spurred me on in my efforts to become a better sketcher.

I have re-discovered the joys of stationery shops, and have developed something of a pen addiction. Much like fussy coffee, pens are a geek magnet, and I have been sucked in bigtime.

My current favourite pen, a Mitsubishi Uni Pin 0.3

And if there’s one thing a pen-geek likes more than buying a new pen, it’s organising his pens.

Indulging my obsession over on the Pen Addict blog, I stumbled on a review of a pen case that looked simple enough that I could make one myself.

So I did. Here it is.

Pens underneath the flap

It struck me that this would make a really good starter project for someone new to sewing, so I documented the process, pulled together some instructions and observations, and wrote it up as a project.

Go check it out now.