2 — Jude Pullen

On this episode, I talk with Jude Pullen, a product design engineer, and also the creator of the Design Modelling website, a series of tutorials, techniques and project ideas for working with low cost prototyping materials, mostly cardboard. Jude also runs live workshops where he shows people how to make models to express and share ideas.

Jude helped me compile the links below, roughly in the same order that we covered this ground in the podcast. Loads of good stuff in here, so do check them out. If you’re listening, I strongly recommend you check out the design modelling website first, so you know what the hell we’re talking about.


Design modelling

Design Modelling
The Beginning of Design Modelling:- IDEO’s Stories of Making


Spencer Nugent – Sketch-A-Day and ID Sketching
Better by Design (Seymour & Powell)
Scott Wilson: Bill’s Design Talks + Tik Tok Watch on Kickstarter
Bitsa (BBC TV): here and here
Thomas Heatherwick & “Making” book


Sugru ‘Meet the Makers’ – Video of Design Modelling Workshops
Capital One Workshop (Earth Day)
IDEO Make-a-Thon

Online Projects

Raspberry Pi Case (Cardboard)
(Award-Winning) Solder Buddy (Plastic Sheet): Instructables & YouTube tutorials
Boot Box (mini project)

Previous Work

Design work ranging from fire-fighting robots in California to whisky packaging in Norway, and from assistive devices for the elderly of Hong Kong to new product innovation for Dyson, UK”. Portfolio here.
Pressure Alert for an Endotracheal Tube: Full Design Journal Download (PDF) and journal article (PDF)


Sugru, and Jane’s story
Design Modelling + Sugru
Bare Conductive paint
Wood’s Metal
Size (Animal Glue)
Institute of Making
The Art of Looking Sideways

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