Making stuff for Maker Faire

The last few weeks have seen some of the grunt work of putting on Brighton Mini Maker Faire give way to a few more fun tasks. Making stuff, as opposed to just emailing people. So I though I’d share some pictures.

I designed some lanyards, which our friends at Fabrivan kindly cut for us. Thanks Angus! The maker lanyards use a variety of acidic fluoro colours, and the crew ones come in a restrained frosted blue.



We also engraved and cut some cool plywood badges for our Robot Seagull supporters (people willing to pay a bit more for to help support the event financially). Pretty cool, and they’re attached with magnets, so when you’ve finished wearing the badge, you can use it as a fridge magnet.


Our robot seagull mascot makes an appearance on some nifty rubber stamps …


… and of course on our crew t-shirts


And I’ve been hard at work on the zine, which has proven to be a mammoth undertaking, and resulted in us receiving daily deliveries for the last couple of weeks of bulk poly bags, sugru gift packs, LEDs, hobby motors and so on.


The zine itself is at the printers, but we spent the bank holiday weekend bagging up the components for the cover mount bag. I took the opportunity to try out some more time lapse photography, and here’s the result. A lesson learned from this process: if you’re thinking of doing anything involving pick-and-pack, it will take an age.