99U Podcast: Gabe Weinberg on Getting Traction

A solid episode of the 99u podcast, featuring Gabe Weinberg, tackling that dilemma faced by anyone who makes (product, art, software – anything that;s intended for an audience):

As a maker, you’d probably much rather be creating than selling.

But, as we all know, marketing your work is just as important as making it. So how can we make sure our project or business doesn’t launch as a dud?

As well as facing up to this immediate problem, he also knocks down some of the myths around marketing your work, such as channels topping out on the growth they can afford, and becoming too reliant on the channels you think you know will work.

And in this piece, Weinberg also lists out all the channels (or traction verticals) he considers in his book, Traction, which looks like a good read on this topic.