Brighton Strategy and Planning Meetup

On Wednesday, I spoke at the Brighton Strategy and Planning Meetup, alongside Matthew Bagwell from AKQA, and Krystle Lampshire from Comic Relief.

The theme for the night was Attention. I’ve been looking at the way attention works within the culture industries, and shared some approaches that I’ve found promising, borrowed from wherever I could find them. It was something of an open-ended presentation, with more questions raised than answers offered, but it was a useful exercise in marshalling my thoughts, and fun to get up and speak to this crowd.

Slides linked below, together with the key sources I made reference to:

Slides, PDF, without notes (nicer layout)

Slides, PDF, with notes

Also, check out Digby’s notes from the night.

Thanks to everyone at Brilliant Noise for letting me speak, and putting on a great event.