Loughborough Market Town

Market Town

I spoke today at an event organised by Loughborough University Arts, as part of their Market Town programme. I promised I’d post my slides, and some useful links, and so here they are.

Makerspaces on the High Street

There is a great deal of interest in the rise of makerspaces and other sites of autonomous creative production. Can this energy be harnessed to power civic regeneration, and help create more liveable urban spaces? This talk draws on some research I co-authored for Nesta to set out an overview of where makerspaces came from, where they are now, and how they might contribute to the development of urban spaces.

From the event blurb:

As the growth of makerspaces, fab-labs, and community workshops continues we ask what opportunities could they hold for Loughborough and how could they support the town’s economic sustainability?

Recognised as sites of civic and social innovation, creativity and learning, makerspaces are increasingly seen as an exciting opportunity to support design, entrepreneurship, fabrication, manufacturing and technological innovation.

Key people writing about and working in this field will share their thoughts and ideas. The speakers will be:

  • Andrew Sleigh: Researcher, writer and producer and one of the researchers on NESTA’s recent UK makerspaces mapping project
  • Caroline Chapain: Lecturer at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Local Economy at Birmingham University.
  • Hannah Fox: Development Manager, Derby Silk Mill.
  • STEALTH.unlimited: A practice exploring the responsibilities and capacities of architecture in contemporary societies.

Market Town: a programme of new commissions and critical debate that sets out to re-imagine the future of Loughborough’s high streets.