Dometic Waeco CRX-50 Fridge

This seems to be a pretty popular fridge for conversions. It’s a simple compressor fridge, not a 3-way fridge that can also be powered by gas, so it works much like a fridge you’d have in a house – only it’s 12V, instead of 240/120V.

It’s  basic, but it does have a nifty removable ice-box, so you can take it out and give yourself more room for food, or put it in, and make ice for cold drinks or freeze some food for a short while.

12V fridges are stupidly expensive. I don’t know why, given that technically, it’s not much different to a mains-powered fridge 4 times the size and half the cost. I guess maybe it’s about economies of scale.

Anyway, it seems to work OK so far, though I can’t say we’ve stress-tested it. It’s quiet, and hasn’t woken us at night when we’ve been sleeping in the van in moderate temperatures.

£500 from Rainbow Conversions.

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