Shenzhen Special 5: Product Design

In this episode, we focus on design – and in particular, how designers help bring products to life through Shenzhen’s vast network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Shenzhen is a destination for anyone who manufactures electronics products, whether they’re Apple, or a hardware startup that’s just cruised through its crowdfunding goal.

Some of the bigger manufacturers have all the design or engineering expertise they need in-house, but many look outside to bring in skills they can’t cover from their own teams. That’s where my two guests today come in. They both work for product design companies: Innozen Design, and Artop Group – working at different scales, but providing many of the same services to clients from China and overseas.

We talk about how products get made in Shenzhen, the rise of the Chinese consumer, and the new power of Chinese brands.

Michael Zheng, Innozen Design
Savio Lai, Artop Group


This podcast series is part of the British Council’s Hello Shenzhen programme. It is a Lighthouse production. Lighthouse is an arts and culture agency based in Brighton in the UK, producing, supporting and presenting new art, film, music, design and games.

Music is by Podington Bear.

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