l’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing anymore

A recurring theme here – I mean the title could apply to life in general, but that’s another story – unlearning the things that accrete over time, to give yourself the freedom to act with freedom. If photography is an art of choice – choosing where to stand, what to frame, when to press the button – then allowing yourself freedom is to allow yourself to choose without paralysis. 

  • Is this the right place to stand? Sure, good enough.
  • Is this the right frame? Go with it and see what comes out.
  • Is this the right time to press the button? Yes.

Here’s a good video about John Gossage (of The Pond fame, and photographer of the image at the top of this post), talking about his practice:

If I were to give an absolutely true lecture to students, it would be very short: l’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing anymore and I’m totally sure of it and that’s how it works.

I’ve continued this train of thought elsewhere: What picture is worth taking?

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