LM Sacasas on fragments

A quick follow-up: I just posted about the fragmented style of Lynda Barry’s book Syllabus. And here comes LM Sacasas (a writer I’d put firmly in the in the well-formed argument camp – in the introduction to his latest newsletter, The Convivial Society

What you have here is a sub-genre of the Convivial Society which I’ve taken to labeling “Fragments,” a loosely structured list of associated quotations, reflections, and provocations. I’m drawn to this form because it reflects the provisional and associative nature of thinking. It also reflects the way fragments of thought, often surfaced from another time, can gather around a problem to illuminate its contours, disclose its depths, and perhaps even reveal lines of actions. Such fragments, in any case, may be all we have to work with. I also appreciate the fact that the form invites rather than forecloses further thought.

The Convivial Society


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