Circuit-bent sounds


Sound files from circuit-bent instruments, sliced and diced for your sampler.

All files are in AIF format and compressed into ZIP archives. You’re free to use them however you like, but I’d appreciate hearing the results.

Speak and Maths

These files contain samples from a circuit-bent Speak & Maths.

21 clicks, cuts and jerks.

Gibberish, come-ons and arithmetic poetry.

34 pitched tones, yelps and beeps.

Speak and Spell

A fully-functional Speak and Spell with pitch shifter and looper, plus 3 haywire switches.

One-shot gargles and hiccups

Tonal patterns
Pitched and re-pitched melodic patterns

Casio SA-35

The Casio SA-35 is a digital sampling keyboard, so bending opportunities are limited. These files mostly come from direct digital bends carried out by short-circuiting the sound chip and then slicing up the results.

31 tonal (and atonal) hits and sequences

Mashed loops
12 degraded digital lock grooves

Mashed clips
37 slices of bubble and squeak

Drum hits
13 single hits chopped from the SA-35’s built-in rhythm accompaniment.