Freelance work

Hello, and thanks for checking out my freelance page. If you’re interested in working with me, here’s some useful information about what I do, and what kind of things I’ve worked on in the past.

My experience is pretty broad, covering everything from research and strategy, through design and making, to communication and community engagement.

What I do

Currently, most of my work is in teaching, research, supporting creative communities, or helping organisations deal with change brought about by digital technology. I’m most interested in work that explores, promotes or is powered by individual or grassroots creativity. That has included:

  • Makerspace design, management and business models
  • Making, prototyping and small batch production
  • Teaching (and studying) digital fabrication, and exploring learning through making
  • Researching the impact of digital fabrication and collaboration technologies on the future of manufacturing (A New Normal, for the Royal College of Art)
  • Mapping makerspaces as sites of new communities forming around DIY technology (UK makerspaces research for Nesta)
  • Exploring new digital media channels that let anyone become a broadcaster (my own podcasts: Looking Sideways and Unreliable Devices, as well as shows for the Crafts Council)
  • Building online platforms to let companies develop products with their customers (open innovation programme for E.On with 100%Open)
  • Running community events to bring people together around shared passions (Maker Faire and Maker Assembly)
  • Designing programmes to help young people from diverse backgrounds develop their creative practice (Viral, for Lighthouse)
  • Curating an exhibition about DIY prosthetics (The Body Electric, with Lighthouse and Roco, for Sheffield City of Making)
  • Writing and talking about systems of design, making, and culture.

You can find out more about my past and current projects here.

Who I’ve worked with

I work alone or as part of (often distributed) project teams. Sometimes I work with agencies, embedded as part of the agency team. My recent work has tended towards research-based projects, for cultural or academic orgs, but my background is in more commercial work for brands and larger corporates, often in digital strategy and design.

People I’ve worked for include: Kickstarter, Nesta, Crafts Council, Royal College of Art, the Universities of Sussex, Brighton and Westminster, Sandberg Instituut, British Council, E.ON, O’Reilly, GSK, Haymarket Group, First Group, Department of Energy & Climate Change and Department for Transport.

Get in touch

I’m available for part-time freelance work now. If you’d like to discuss a project, contact me by Twitter or email.

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