What I’m working on


I’m setting up a creative studio at Brighton’s Digital Culture agency, Lighthouse.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Soldering workshop

I’m co-founder and project lead for the UK’s biggest independent DIY technology festival.


I help organisations use the web. I work in project design and management, digital strategy and training.

Hot Glue Zine

I edited and published a fanzine for Maker Faire. It’s full of project ideas designed to bring the maker spirit into people’s homes.

Hardware startup

Developing the UK maker/entrepreneur community.


I write about makers, hackers and entrepreneurs for Makezine.com.


I specialise in product photography, and also make my own equipment.

How to make things

I like to make useful things. I document the interesting projects to help you make things too.

Latest from the blog

Playing by somebody else’s rules

In my last post, I argued that authenticity needs to be considered in the light of digital mediation. That while it’s always been important to speak with an authentic voice, algorithmic targeting and data-driven personalisation change the rules for writers, designers, and everyone involved in product development and marketing.

Another big digital disruption with equally profound effects on voice, is the increased availability of metrics to measure the ‘success’ of different pieces of content. Where ‘success’ could mean: number of views, shares, visit length or depth, and so on.

Clumsy measurement gives rise to perverse incentives that skew individual behaviour. (1) Aggregated over an entire media organisation, that can put strain on the core business of that organisation. Hence the fall of newspapers, and the rise of BuzzFeed, Huffington Post et al. More…

Your brand is not my [$friend_name$]

It’s easy to blame Innocent smoothies, who might be the ones who started this trend, but I think the UX, brand, marketing and copywriting people at brands who are doing this now should take responsibility. More…

What makes you come alive

  1. What you want
  2. What opportunities technology affords
  3. What the world needs

Don’t ask what the world needs; ask yourself
What makes you come alive.
And then go and do that. Because the world
Needs people who have come alive

Harold Whitman.

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