I’m Andrew Sleigh. I’m a maker, designer, photographer living in Brighton, UK.

I photograph, and make digital/analogue art and I like to document my work.

I’ve done loads of interesting work around making, DIY culture, learning, and creative technology.

I currently run the workshop at Plus X in Brighton.


  • What you think is boring now may be interesting in the future

    This is a note to myself, as I consider what to crop and how to frame the domestic pictures that make up most of my photographic work at the moment. Continue..

  • Chauncey Hare – Quitting Your Day Job

    Spoiler alert: I really enjoyed this account of Chauncey Hare’s work by Robert Slifkin, which I encountered after I saw him talking about Hare with great enthusiasm in this video: Continue..

  • More on Attention

    Following on from my last post, a couple more things crossed my radar on attention (yep, caught my attention): 1. Rick Rubin on the Ezra Klein podcast (timed link, about 8 minutes in), talking about the sensitive antenna that artists grow in order to perceive and draw on the world around them. From the show… Continue..

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