I’m Andrew Sleigh. I’m a maker, designer, photographer living in Brighton, UK.

I photograph, and make digital/analogue art and I like to document my work.

I’ve done loads of interesting work around making, DIY culture, learning, and creative technology.

I currently run the workshop at Plus X in Brighton.


  • What is photography?

    I like all the videos that Alec Soth puts out. But most are rambling meditations on the form. This is more of a deranged supercut: Continue..

  • Technological change is ecological

    From the ever-insightful Convivial Society newsletter, an essay about the new AI image generation tools that are doing the rounds now, including the image posted above, which won an art prize and made everyone very hot and bothered. Lonely Surfaces: On AI-generated Images – by L. M. Sacasas It’s interesting not just because it points […] Continue..

  • l’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing anymore

    A recurring theme here – I mean the title could apply to life in general, but that’s another story – unlearning the things that accrete over time, to give yourself the freedom to act with freedom. If photography is an art of choice – choosing where to stand, what to frame, when to press the […] Continue..