Antiuniversity and Deinstitutionalisation

There’s some power in negating what already exists. Even if you reinforce the dominant institutions by accepting their framing and language. Anyway, without wishing to get into that, I’m intrigued by these anti-school systems that are popping up. This quote via Antiuniversity, who are reviving an original idea from – when else – 1968:

‘The schools and universities are dead. They must be destroyed and rebuilt in our own terms. These sentiments reflect the growing belief of students and teachers all over Europe and the United States as they strip aside the academic pretensions from their “institutions of higher learning” and see them for what they are – rigid training schools for the operation and expansion of reactionary government, business, and military bureaucracies.’

Source: _[Antihistory Antiuniversity of London, The Antiuniversity of London – an Introdution to Deinstitutionalisation](

Closer to home, Spacemakers ran The Brighton School in 2014, an art school disguised as a public art commission, and The Wild School ran in the Lab for the Recently Possible in 2013.