Maker Assembly #1: It’s a wrap

Our first Maker Assembly event at the V&A was a great success, by all accounts. We had some nice feedback from participants and speakers; and as a test, it was useful: it felt to me like there is demand for this kind of critical conversation about making, and this is not served well at the moment.

There is huge scope here for interesting ideas, people, conversations and activities; I feel like we’ve uncovered only a fraction of the issues that could be covered. In particular, there are so many diverse cultures of making outside of the well-known categories (such as US/Europe-centric traditions, studio crafts, modern ‘maker movement’ ideas, the Arts and Crafts movement, hackspaces, etc.). Im looking forward to seeing where we can take this next.

I hope there will be more events, and possibly also editorial or even exhibition formats.

I’ve collected some material about the vent on my Maker Assembly project page. Or check the main website for current news.