2017-05-29: Insulation and conduit

With the floor in, Amy applied some preventative rust treatment to the new holes we just made in the van floor (screwing the plywood floor down), and I started on the wall insulation panels. We don’t yet have a solid plan for our electrical routing, so we fitted some conduit (“convoluted sleeve”) into some of the wall cavities before fitting the solid insulation panels in.

The insulation panels are 50mm thick, which is a little too thick in many areas of the van, so this job involved a fair amount of shaping, shaving and a bit of hacking too. We may need to return one or two of the sheets (we bought 5) and swap them for a different thickness.

I then used the insulation foam to fill in all the gaps and hold the panels in place. There is no extra glue here (I had planned to use the Soudal High Tack) but so far, they’ve all fitted very securely just with a friction fit, and the foam really locks them in.

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