2017-05-30: Admin, insulation, conduit

Today has not been the most fulfilling of days. I spent half the morning on the phone trying to sort out spare keys and the correct trim for the new window we bought. Amy was swapping materials at Screwfix. Then we tried to figure out where to route the conduit to allow for wiring up the solar panels and any 12V electrics in the van — which is tricky given that we haven’t decided where any of that is going to go. Then we fixed more rust, cut more Celotex insulation boards, sprayed more expanding foam … the same as we’ve been doing for days now it seems. We’re getting through cans of foam like there’s no tomorrow, and I can also tell we’re going to have to swap some of the insulation boards I bought for thinner ones, as the cavities at the back of the van are much shallower than those at the front. 

Treated and repainted door retainer

Fixed door retainer

Treating the rust where the sliding door stopper hits the van body

Marking the routes for the conduit so we can remember where it goes
I did manage to finish one small job, which was to improvise a raised platform for the dog to sit on behind the cab seats so he can go in the back comfortably while we’re driving. And Amy had success fixing one of the rear door magnetic retainers on the side of the van, which was poorly seated and letting in water. We want to go away in the van for a few days at the end of this week, so we’re just trying to get it fixed up enough to do that.


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