2017-06-01: Minimum viable build

It’s half term week and we’re supposed to be on holiday. We haven’t made it out yet, in part because we wanted to get some basic jobs done on the van before taking it out on its maiden voyage: a floor, a window, and a few bits of basic furniture.

With the window in yesterday, all that remained was to bodge together the furniture we needed, and that would give us a sense of what living in the van might be like.

We don’t have a place for Loki to sit up front in the cab when we’re driving, so I made a raised platform behind the seats so he can sit more safely in the back , but still see out of the windscreen. I also wanted something in the van to give an impression of a kitchen, so I reassembled an old flat pack storage unit that’s about the right height, and bolted it onto the side of the van by the door.

With a few rugs, bungee straps and camping equipment, we were ready to hit the road!

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