2017-05-31: Side window install

After a few evenings of what seems like little progress, it was good today to tackle one of the hero jobs, installing a window.

I’ve watched more videos on window installs than I can remember, but the most useful is probably this one:

I won’t recap what you can see better on YouTube, but it’s worth sharing a few things we learned:

  • Find a good supplier of windows who can provide good after-sales support. We used Van Demon, here in the UK,  and I can’t recommend them. They refused to give any advice on installation, and they were uncooperative about swapping items they’d sent that weren’t right for the job.
  • Beware swarf when cutting the hole. It gets everywhere. We taped up the window on the inside, and masked off the area around the window on the outside. And the first job we did after cutting the hole was to vacuum up the swarf and metal dust.
  • Have a spare tube of adhesive within reach. We bought the fitting kit advised for this window, but added an extra tube to be in the safe side, and I’m glad we did. We didn’t use it, but we were right at the end of the first tube by the time we’d run a bead round the glass.
  • Use a suction grip to lift the window. We rushed down to the tool shop half way through the job because it was just too tricky lifting the window with only our hands, especially after we’d glued it up.
  • Glue the window, not the van. Most of the YouTube videos seem to do it the other way round, but I’d say this way is easier.
Marking out the cut line


Cutting the window opening. And really pissing off the neighbours
Painting the cut edges
One window installed

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